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Born and raised in Orange County, California, my mom claims as soon as I could pick up a crayon, I was drawing. Fast forward 20 years, I found my passion in publishing. I love how each manuscript is so unique and creating the right design makes it come to life. The most rewarding part is sending each book off into the world to reach it's greatest potential. I have lost track of the hundreds of books I have created over my career, but one thing I know, it never gets old to me. 

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Peri is the best in the business! She turned the complex layout of my book into a work of art that garnered numerous design and layout awards including best cover design, best interior design, best interior layout and best overall design. Awards = more sales = happy publisher. I highly recommend.


JOHN W. SCHMID, President, Project Roar Publishing

With Peri Gabriel’s designs, you hope people judge the book by the cover. She has the gift of transforming a book theme into a clear, powerful package that stands out from the crowded rows of the book shelf. Peri Gabriel is a top-flight book designer whose services extend beyond the artwork; she is an adviser, resource, and friend.

PHILIP MERETON, Author of The Heaven at the End of Science: An Argument for a New Worldview of Hope, Distant Drums Press


After being in business for 61 years, we have finally found the “ultimate” cover designer in Peri Gabriel. The designs have been fantastic, the work done in a timely fashion, and the results nothing short of inspiring. Just wish we would have found you sooner.

DAVE GORZELSKI, Publisher, Harmonie Park Press


Peri has designed covers for our books for over 12 years and her designs are memorable and every aspect of her work is professional. In particular her designs for our fitness and exercise books are high-impact and have great energy. She has a great eye for appropriate photography and illustration and her covers appeal to the target market and have a consistent look and feel that makes them stand out among other titles in a competitive market.

KIRAN S. RANA, Publisher, Hunter House

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